24 Hour On Call Maintenance for LAN and WAN Fiber Optic Systems/Copper, Coax and Wireless Networks/Preventative Maintenance

Prime-Tech Services is your Fiber Optic,Copper,Coax and Wireless Networks full service emergency response system. From preventative maintenance, to 24 hour restoration services. We maintain the fiber we install and offer solutions for a solid reliable network.

  • Utility Locates
  • Cut Overs
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Emergency Locates
  • Office/equipment moves
  • 3rd party utility SPECIALISTS
  • Connector replacements
  • LAN Fiber maintenance
  • WAN Fiber maintenance 
  • Ped, Hand hole, Manhole, Aerial Terminal, Closure Rehab Replacement 
  • Utility locates 
  • Safety watches / 3rd Party Excavation / Crossings 
  • Aerial moves and maintenance